Gay Paree

It occurred to me that the long distance flight could be akin to giving birth, the length of time between tends to fade the horror, but a couple of hours in, oh I remember now !!!!

28 long hours after we left Lexi’s house in Melbourne we checked in to our very beautiful motel Radisson Blu Le Dokhan’s, dating back to 1910 and designed by architect Frédéric Méchiche. Original paintings by Picasso and Matisse grace the lobby walls, however I may or may not have picked the motel because is home to a champagne bar! The elevator is tiny and lined with panels from an old Louis Vuitton trunk. It couldn’t accommodate me, Mick and the backpack! Mick had to walk up the stairs.

We are in the 16th arrondissement, near the place du Trocadéro, walking distance from the Eiffel tour and Champs de Elysees. To be honest though, the thing we have liked so far about Paris after the long travel has been the great bed! Very much looking forward to walking the city today without the blurry eyes.



3 thoughts on “Gay Paree

  1. wait…a Louis Vuitton trunk elevator? you took a picture right? lol cant wait to read more and looking forward to meeting you in paris next year! love you!xxxxxxx

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