Waking up in Santiago de Compostela

We made it !


We arrived into Santiago yesterday, greeted enthusiastically by fellow pilgrims, who were both happy for us and celebrating their own arrival and this amazing achievement.

I already had a clear understanding that the Camino for us, was about the journey here and not the destination but we still went straight to the pilgrims office to receive our compostella.   I wanted that piece of paper in my hand.



800km plus, plus, plus.  We walked every single step, quite a few soggy ones in the last few days.

Mick probably didn’t take a single step  on the Camino without some degree of pain. He made it, aided by a generous amount of camino candy, self medicating Cervesas and by the friendship, encouragement and laughter shared with our fellow pilgrims. I am incredibly proud of him.

I have booked for us a beautiful boutique pension in the middle of Santiago, right in the heart of the old city, 50 meters from the Cathedral.  A little oasis for us to rest our weary feet and reflect on the achievement and the lessons learned from this epic journey.


We both have a real sense of joy.  We have experienced a flood of emotion. Fortunate enough to  catch up with pilgrims we thought were long gone.  Some of them have already walked to Finisterre and are now back in Santiago.  We had dinner with Margie and Bob from Canada, and shared our feelings about having completed this Camino and what comes next.   I remember back in St Jean Pied de Port, which feels like a lifetime ago, when we got our credentials, being told by the lovely gentleman who helped us, that the Camino changes people.  I finally understand what he meant.  This is the beginning of a new chapter for us.

We are having a couple of tourist days here in Santiago before putting on the soggy boots again to walk to Finisterre and Muxia.

Not quite ready to finish with the Camino just yet.

PLL   Pam

13 thoughts on “Waking up in Santiago de Compostela

  1. You bloody troopers! I’m so happy and proud. Stellar and I are toasting you right now, 6.55pm Saturday night. Cheers Pam and Mick. Love you. Kiss. Meow.

  2. Way to go! Congrats on your great achievement. Now that we are back in the “real world” our thoughts return often to the Camino and especially day 2 over the mountain when we met you.

    All the best as you continue your journey.

  3. Yayyyyy!! Congratulations pilgrims!! What a physical, emotional, mental, etc journey you have embarked upon and conquered! I’m so proud of both of you. You have completed this, you can take on anything!! Enjoy the luxury you’re more than deserving of right now. You’re both my new heroes. I love you so much xxx

  4. Lost in Space?
    Did you make it to Finisterre and on?

    Better walking then being home again.
    The look of life has changed a bit.
    Wish you relaxing times and enjoyable thoughts going on to……

    All the best,
    Matthé and Elma.

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